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Promotional ways differ from industry to industry. Where some businesses need to air advertisements on televisions, others choose a more subtle way like newsletters and flyers. These ways depend on many things including budget, target audience and nature of products, but, the bottom-line is that every business needs to promote its products, services and its brand.

Custom promotional products are probably the only option used by almost every industry. Be it B2b or B2C, these items increase awareness and set brand identity in many ways. In the recent past, we have talked about many such options and today you will learn about the importance for custom printed bottles.

Wide customer base

Although there are plenty of different promotional giveaway items, custom printed water bottles serve a wider consumer base. Who can use a cool water bottle? Well, almost everyone. As opposed to other items, water bottles are more easily accepted and have higher chances of getting used over and over.

Lower costs

Customizing disposable and multiple-use water bottles is comparatively easier and affordable. You can easily find bottles for less than a couple of dollars. Then, you the logo and message could be printed on body, neck, bottom or cap of the bottle.

Easy availability

Most of the other promotional giveaway items are hard to find. Suppliers take weeks to deliver the right items. However, with custom water bottles it’s completely difficult. Every promotional product website stocks it and delivers customized options in just few days.

Unique designs

When everyone is busy distributing the same old custom printed water bottles, how can you every stand out? You design team might have an answer. Many promotional item suppliers allow you to design bottles and place labels ate unique places. You can even place a quote or message on it. It does not get any easier than this now.